Monday, January 13, 2014

News from the PNW (Pacific NorthWest)

Sam's first "team" basketball game!

Taking a shot. . . jackpot . . .naturally . . . which is why I posted it.  :)

A "shot" of a different sort -- of little brother, Ben who, to all our great delight, still travels with Grown-up Eagle, or Eagle for short.  Oh boy, do we have wonderful stories about Eagle's escapades.  :)  And Ben, such an admirer of his big brother.  He patiently watches whatever Sam does, and Sam teaches him the fine points of MineCraft, building robots, jumping bikes, you name it.  They are a special team . . . when they're not adversarial *smile*. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014


We never run out of names for this cutie -- Boo, BooBear, Baby Boo, BooBoo, and then there's Izzy.  Whatever you call her, the same cute, smiling little toddler answers, in this case, from her Princess Castle.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Speaking of Resemblances . . .

Left: (Oli) me at 2 weeks   Right: Doug, my son, Isabella at 2 mos., and Daughter-in-law,  Mary

Click the picture to enlarge it (check out the tongues!), and return to normal size by clicking the white X on the black background at the top, far right.  It will look like the sample you see here at the right.

Are there resemblances (below)?

I have no concept of who looks like whom,except with identical twins!
So, you help me out, and add a comment at the end.

(Below)  Mom Oli

My two children:
(Below) Alli and Doug

And their kids ---

(Above 2 pictures: Doug with his and Mary's daughter, Isabella, 21 months.

(Below) Sam - 8 years old - Alli and Dave's 1st child

(Below) Ben - 5  years old. Alli and Dave's 2nd child

(Below)  Mary and Doug, and a snippet of their daughter, Isabella's, arm.  :)

Missing:  Although not in the Skene lineage, here are two husbands
missing from the pictures above:

Richard, Oli's husband (below)

My daughter Alli, with her husband Dave,
captured at her brother's Great Gatsby Party (below)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day Family Time

On Christmas Day, the Family Gathers in San Gabriel
 L to R: Doug from NYC, Priya from Texas, Richard, Pris, Annie, Joel from Texas, Oli, Jesse.
Missing from the picture is Mary and little Isabella, from NYC, who returned to 
the hotel for Isabella's happie nappie.
(Above) Pris, Annie, Joel, Oli, Jesse, Richard

(Above) Jack, Annie, Joel, Oli, Jesse

Having a huge laugh over pictures on my Mini iPad, of the Thanksgiving "mock" Scottish games in WA State, with all in their Scottish Skene tartans, and Alli and Doug 
doing a caber toss, wood splitting and rock throw!  Who knew we had all that talent?  :)