Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Serendipity at Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons

While taking an impromptu hike at Jenny Lake to an overlook (hoping to see some reported moose and baby), 2 other couples stopped at our perch.  We began chatting and noticed an accent, so Richard asked where they were from.  Scotland!  OK, that's enough to get ME going, so I launch in to being a descendant of Skene.  The gentleman cocks his ear as if he didn't quite hear me, so I said, "Skene, S-k-e-n-e".  "I thought that's what you said", he replied!  He and his wife are from Aberdeenshire which makes them very much aware of the Skenes!  What a delightful couple, and I can hardly wait for them to check this blog and give me their email address!  In fact, I think they live only 5 miles from the Lyne of Skene.  Delicious!!

At the top of the morning, we noticed people with field glasses pulled over to the side of a quiet road -- looking for the owl that just hatched her babies, but no luck today in seeing them.

We hiked at String Lake with rain showers over the Tetons (above) but not too much sprinkle on us.

And a hike at Jenny Lake.  We didn't have time to just hang out and listen to the birds or wait for wildlife to appear, though.  Also, I'd like to mention that I'm still a sea level Hawaii girl having been back from Hawaii only 5 days before we started our trip.  This hiking at 6,700 ft is a whole different ballgame!

Another shot of Jenny Lake, because Dave wrote he'd been here in 1993, long before he'd ever met Alli! 

Dave took the Jenny Lake boat around the lake and hiked up Cascade Canyon and camped overnight!
A visit to Jenny Lake Lodge . . .
We'd hoped to have lunch here, but they were full up with reservations, so . . .

Thanks to having a refrigerator in the truck, we tailgated!

We ended the day with a browse of Dornan's, and then this beautiful drive home.

Of course, we needed to browse the cute town of Jackson, starting with the arch of antlers!

Many, many shops, pubs, eateries and places to stay.  We had dinner cooked for us by Helen and Murray, and now we will prepare to leave in the morning for our trip home, via a stop in Salt Lake City.

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