Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Seventy didn't hurt a bit!

70 years old today, and it is a gift to know God has given me all these healthy years to do so many things, but most meaningful to me are: to be the mom of two amazing children, a gramma for (so far) two amazing grandchildren, and to have so many loving and delightful family members all over the place, plus, and most startling of all, to have been "saved/rescued" by God to become a follower of the King of Kings!  His is unspeakable love.  Then there's the much more recent surprise gift of Richard, who spends time thinking of ways he can love, support and bring happiness to me!

A Day of Celebration!
Richard and I had brunch at Sarducci's on the patio of the historic train depot in San Juan Capistrano.  You can barely see the patio umbrellas above.  After brunch, we rather unexpectedly trotted off by train to San Diego!!  :)

We completely relaxed and enjoyed our California coast, from the "busy" to the . . .

. . . quiet beach . . . I think this is Trestles which at the right season, it a huge attraction for surfers.

Once in San Diego, we headed to the USS Midway, a ship/museum I'd never visited even when I was going to Coronado while Dave and Alli lived there.

Richard . . . looking things over.  He loves structure and mechanics.

Navy planes need to be able to fold up their "arms" in order to fit on a carrier.  Even helicopters.  Guess I'd never thought of that!!
The E-2 Hawkeye with overhead radar dish that could sweep the sky for hundreds of miles in every direction. The plane was filled with communications and sensor gear, serving as a flying command center.  It could collect, analyze, and share data with ships and aircraft, as well as coordinate multiple attacks against the enemy.  Sound like I copied the placard in front of the plane's nose?

Richard says this "couple" replicates a famous photograph taken of a sailor who grabbed a nurse he didn't know and kissed her . . . so elated was he to be back in the USA!  Apparently the nurse died not so very long ago.

Photo of the statue, but closer.

Getting ready to come home from a wonderful San Diego day.

San Diego Train Station

San Diego Station
Relaxing all the way home, so we'll have enough energy to have dinner at Lucy's Mexican Restaurant!

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