Wednesday, January 12, 2011


- with 5 of 'em under 7 and all of 'em boys!

This was an after-school scramble with Alli's 2 boys, and Tamara with 2 boys plus a friend, and Richard and me.  The youngest is Ben, 2 1/2, with little legs that run as fast as his chatterbox!  It's a 3-mile round trip hike to 500' elevation and back, on a full-bore RUN back downhill, and "plate lunch" dinner at Sweet Home Waimanalo. 

Here's info on Makapu'u Lighthouse

The moms:

Alli left and Tamara

A 4-year old birthday boy!

The scramblers, all bunched for only a minute!  Sam on left, and Ben in yellow stripe, Alli in pink and Gramma waving, plus wearing a backpack . . . would you believe??
See Alli's blog for more scrambler pictures:

Thanks for all the pictures, Richard.  It was a fun hike!

An inchworm was a captivating amusement!

Some beautiful views

Built in 1909, still in use, largest French Fresnel lens in use in  the US.

That's the parking lot below, left taken from about our half-way point.

There were about 5 of these guys floating around and . . .

. . . I'd say, Richard got quite a picture!

Plunk in a little flora for interest

And last, watch a cute video I nabbed, of 5 boys and an inchworm who was passed around - and at the moment of the video, Mr. Inchworm had landed on Tamara's bare-chested 4-year old birthday boy!

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