Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fun with ukeleles

The day before Easter was made brighter than ever by Eddie and Myrna Kamae who spent the afternoon at Alli and Dave's home.  We had an Easter Egg hunt, dancing to a loud little Ben (3) who was playing the guitar and hollaring out Springsteen's "Waitin on a Sunny Day" while Myrna danced along side him.  Sam and Eddie had a practice session and a neighbor brought her uke as well.  With them, we have honed our pleasure of the Hawaiian phrase "talk story" and can't get enough of it!

In this video, Alli and Sam are singing along with Eddie Kamae to one of his songs composed especially for keiki (children) in 1971 :

   The Aloha of the Kamaes is present wherever they go and they teach by fine example.  Our family is richly blessed to count them as friends.  To enjoy them and appreciate their passions, do pay them a visit at

To learn more about them:

Aloha Pumehana, Eddie and Myrna!

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