Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Speaking of Resemblances . . .

Left: (Oli) me at 2 weeks   Right: Doug, my son, Isabella at 2 mos., and Daughter-in-law,  Mary

Click the picture to enlarge it (check out the tongues!), and return to normal size by clicking the white X on the black background at the top, far right.  It will look like the sample you see here at the right.

Are there resemblances (below)?

I have no concept of who looks like whom,except with identical twins!
So, you help me out, and add a comment at the end.

(Below)  Mom Oli

My two children:
(Below) Alli and Doug

And their kids ---

(Above 2 pictures: Doug with his and Mary's daughter, Isabella, 21 months.

(Below) Sam - 8 years old - Alli and Dave's 1st child

(Below) Ben - 5  years old. Alli and Dave's 2nd child

(Below)  Mary and Doug, and a snippet of their daughter, Isabella's, arm.  :)

Missing:  Although not in the Skene lineage, here are two husbands
missing from the pictures above:

Richard, Oli's husband (below)

My daughter Alli, with her husband Dave,
captured at her brother's Great Gatsby Party (below)

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