Saturday, July 3, 2010


What a busy bunch my sis-in-law and her husband are -- he had to get double bypass surgery, but not to be outdone, Pammie beat him to the hospital with a 2 week hospital stay ending with unplanned surgery.  Well, that was my opportunity!  I mean, you can't have Pammie fresh out of surgery trotting to the hospital to see her husband into and out of his surgery, right?  And who would take care of whom when they're both home?

I arrived on June 29th to enjoy being with my favorite sis-in-law.  She's doing a great job of recovering, and even with myriad trips to the hospital to see Craig, who is also doing very well, we managed to get in a little clothes shopping at a Coldwater Creek sale.
Here we are, Pam and me (behind the camera) at AJ's which is a remarkable food store which could entertain me for hours!  We snagged lunch here and ate outside in probably 100 degrees, but misters above us made it very comfortable.  You can see we did well at Coldwater Creek, right?
Up close - so you can see why I asked her if she takes that nice, crisp white blouse to the cleaners.  Her answer shoved me right into the parking lot of Coldwater Creek.  She said she's had this blouse FOREVER, and has never ironed it.  It even has a fantastic sharp crease down the arm, and a stand up collar that looks starched.  Man, I just had to have one!  :)

Tonight, a neighbor reported spotting Javelina (Peccary) nearby, so we drove over for a little look.  Pretty ugly. They're not part of the pig family, but rather,  are of the family Tayassuidae. Their habitat is the southwest, and they are omnivores with 3-chambered stomachs, but they don't ruminate.

Lots got done today -- two trips to the hospital, a visit there with Pammie's sister who looks wonderful, and I dumped and spread about 8 bags of rocks between flagstones, hosed down the dust, and while backing up to hose down the pool deck, I landed in the in-ground jacuzzi . . . with my iPhone in my shorts pocket!  Aaaarrrrrgggg!  No, it doesn't seem to work now.  Yes, God may want me to upgrade to iPhone 4.

I finished the day up with some ironing, which I've never minded.  It took me right back to the many years I did the long-sleeved, white, starched collar business shirts.

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