Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Weekend with Randy and Brooke's Kiddos

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Rhyan, almost 4, has "cuteness" down to a T!  She's a puzzle wizard and puts Legos together in no time.

Chase and Rhyan found lots of ways to play in the sprinkler!  They'd already masterminded many vehicles and buildings with Legos, loaded a basket with lemons picked from our tree and made lemonade, and helped greatly with the task of planting lettuce.

We're off to the San Diego Zoo!

Strategizing with a map. Rhyan, Randy and Chase.
The kids' biggest laughs came while rippin' around the "ice" tunnels in the polar bear section.
Rarely do you see tortoises even moving, but today there was a spat.  Over and over again, the turtle on the right lobbed his head over to the dried grass that the middle turtle thinks belongs to him, and got this ominous response!  Please do click for a larger picture, and then click it for a good view of tortoise tongue!  :)

And in the polar bear pool, one bear was having a great old time tossing a big toy against the guard window, along with tsunami-sized splashes!  It was an event that drew crowds which blocked me from getting a good picture of the antics.

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