Saturday, February 13, 2010


Ben is going through some of Sam's "younger" books, and right now, the "beeeeeg trucks" have captured him, so off we went to the Kapaa Quarry, about 5 minutes from home.  One of many things about island life is that NOTHING is very far from home!
The haulers were a real hit, even for Alli and me!  This guy was going by "empty" and honked his horn, waived and lifted the bed of his truck in a sort of salute to the boys!
This guy was way off in the distance, but he didn't escape the keen eyes of Alli's little boys!
Here's the noisy machinery that does something!  I'm sure Alli knows what . . . she put together a large group of kids and moms for an official tour of the quarry about a year ago.

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