Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Photographer's View of Bishop Museum

While Alli kept an appointment with a curator to explore intellectual things with Sam, I man-handled little Ben by romping with him on the grounds, and Richard roved around with his camera.  This photo of a section of the museum is a fav of mine.  In in the original configuration (5MB), you can see incredible detail.  For the web, I've cut the size to 1 MB, but you can still click on it for a closer view.


Nice lighting on these blooms, Richard dear!
Very nice!
The camera is inside now, and this is a photo taken through a glass cabinet, of fabrics of old Hawaii. 

Here's a close-up of the above picture.  I wanted to show you the Palaka fabrics which are woven plaids once typically found worn by sugar and pineapple plantation workers.  I have ordered a mu'u mu'u made in the red Palaka, and can't wait to pick it up.
Another cabinet of old Hawaiian fabrics.
A bowl full of shells behind glass in a cabinet.
Each time, as we leave, I love to walk through the black light tunnel.

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