Tuesday, July 6, 2010

They say there's strength in numbers!

From the Moody side of the "tree" (Oli, Skene and Pris) some numbers have been added!
Here's the Skene and wife Pam Sutton contribution --

Pam and my brother, Skene, had a whole lot to do with this handsome family!  They made me an Aunt to Michael (left), Leslie (center) and Robb (right).  Then they increased our good fortune by finding amazing spouses, Mary (left), Chad (center) and Kristy (right)!  Both precious little girls belong to Chad and Leslie, with CJ waiting to howl his way onto the scene! Along the way,  Craig assumed the role of stepdad to love Pam and become a man the whole family loves.

We love you each one, and pray for you, too!

 I have been hanging out at Pam and Craig's house while they recover from exotic things like double bypass surgery (Craig), etc.  Hahahaha, that's how I got this great  picture.  I took a picture of a picture they have on their wall.

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