Friday, December 10, 2010


Suzie and I left from her cottage home to the tune of raindrops, to enjoy the annual Christmas Home Tour which I look forward to each year.  It never disappoints!  For a few hours, I dream of living in a gorgeous Hawaii beachfront home!  I soak up memories (and photos) of the elegant decorations, some elaborate and some delightfully simple.  We end the tour with a nice lunch at Buzz's - a very well-known island restaurant across from our Kailua beach.
We're wearing easily kicked-off "slippahs" (flip-flops) since standard protocol in Hawaii is to leave shoes outside.  I'm so used to it after all these years, it's automatic.

About that plaid (Doug wondered where I got that tablecloth made into a mu'u mu'u!):
It's called Palaka.  Shirts made of palaka were worn by the 19th Century plantation workers and is a well-recognized fabric here.  Suzie had her mu'u mu'u made some years ago, and I had mine made about a year ago.  I love it!  We received many compliments!

Many beautiful place settings were displayed.

Simple pomegranate decoration
Distinguishing inside from outside in Hawaii is difficult.  Some people don't even use inside space for an eating area because we can ALWAYS eat outside.  An electric awning is all you need if it rains.  You know, of course, that people here don't own heaters right?
Looking out from a kitchen


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