Thursday, December 30, 2010

SUPing, Legendary Koko Crater Hike, and Ben Time


7 a.m. was the take-off time for long-boarding and SUPing (stand-up paddleboarding).  Doug and I took off . . . he with Alli's equipment, and I with my camera.
A trot across Kalama Beach Park and down the beach a bit.  The sun is just barely up and is behind cloud cover.

Doug is quite at home on the board, but the waves here are small and short-lived.  Nevertheless, he had a few rides each lasting about 10 seconds, the most you can expect in Kailua this time of year.

Koko Crater Hike
As if this wasn't enough, it was quickly followed by a strenuous hike up Koko Crater, earning bragging rights for many!  Having earned those rights in April, I opted for Richard and me to play with Ben (who has done 800 of the steps at Koko Crater on his own!), allowing Alli to have a bit more time with her brother and his wife.  Take a look at the photos on Alli's site at   where you should be sure to click on the photo.  It will take you to a series of hiker photos!

Meantime, Richard and I had fun playing with Ben (2 1/2 yrs) at Windward Mall.  But first , Gramma (me) needed to clean up from the race down the beach to photograph Doug.  While I did that, the two "men" had a few minutes together --
 . . . a little TV time . . .

and a snack moment.  Ben wasn't a bit surprised that we'd have the same gizmo at our house, with the big "M" on it, that he has at his house.

And now, off to the mall . . . 
We hold "paws" in parking lots.

The winner, in terms of time spent, was the Tour Bus.  Next, the Ice Cream truck.  He waved bye-bye to us probably 30 times, always saying, "Bye-bye gwamma" or "bye-bye Wichud".  Who had more fun?  That's a tough one!

Richard's heart won out -- he put money in the slot to make the Tour Bus bounce around a bit.  Or so he thought.  It was tight quarters in there and he couldn't see the slot.  Ben is looking on, probably knowing Richard was putting the money in the "coin return" slot!  Ben wanted to put the last quarter in, and put it in the upper slot.  With that, Richard saw what was going on, and put the previous 3 coins in their proper slot!

A tire check was in order, of course.  It was the offer of lunch that lured Ben away from this truck, and following that, we took the typical grand-parent detour into the toy store!  A great day all around for everyone.

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