Friday, January 29, 2010

Koko Crater Botannical Garden

Plumeria.  Groves of them.  Sweet fragrance.

We were given a "gray" day today -- perfect for the 2-mile walk through this rustic botannical garden, home for plants from Africa, Hawai'i, Madagascar, and other exotic places.  It includes a large grove of Plumeria, dryland palms, and old bougainvilla that have become trees 50' tall!
How small we are, yet God takes notice of us . . .
. . . and how much we need to be rooted in His scriptures . . .

It's name:  Fever Tree
Dryland palm (I tried to be "artsy-fartsy"!)
Pachycereus Pecten-Arboriginum.  Long name just for a Mexican cactus.
Hello in there!!
Needs a treehouse
The sounds of humanity were so far away they couldn't be heard.  We were the only visitors at the garden today, except for a passing security guard at the gate.  The crimes here?  Stealing a plant.

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