Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sea Life Park

Great day!  While Alli and kids hiked, Richard and I snagged my kayak from a friend's safekeeping where it's been stored while we recover from pertussis (whooping cough).  I can't wait to get it out in the ocean again.  I must admit, I hate exercising (Alli loves it -- something's wrong with people who love it!), but I'm crazy about kayaking and exercise is a great bonus!

After that, Richard and I went to Sea Life Park to meet Alli and boys.  We love that place! 

Every time I see the dolphin show, I want to be a trainer.  Richard thinks I may have passed my prime for that!

Here are some of us . . . the dolphin groupies with shave ice treat!

Sam loves the huge fish tank, and in fact, maybe we all think it's the best part of the park!

Ben got up a close-up view of a puffer fish!

We fed the honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles) which are a great find whenever we snorkel or take our kayaks out.  They swim to the French Frigate Shoals (300 miles?) each year to spawn.

We finished up with a playful scuba diver who did "thumb kisses" with Ben and amused us all while she cleaned the glass. 

One last look at the a star of the shows giving little kisses!

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