Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lazy Day at "our" Beach

There's just nothing as rejuvenating as a lazy day at the beach, which is exactly where you'd have found me, Richard and Sam this afternoon!

This young "heart stealer" got gramma into the water first, and then Richard!  "Take me out deeper!  Help push me on a "roller" gramma!

What Richard won't do for this little guy!  "Richard, would you, ummmm, give gramma your magazine and come out in the water with me?"  And, if you can believe this, Richard doesn't really like to get wet . . . except in the shower!

Here's a couple of tips on "form."

A big component of a "lazy day at the beach" is to have a chunk of sand time.  Here we have "a hole big enough for Triceratops, or maybe even T. Rex!"

and you can actually slide into it!"

Looking north from "our" beach.  The images on this blog are clickable, if you want to see a larger image.  You do.  So, click!

You gotta click this for me, please!  Tell me how you can almost feel the bubbles and hear the shore breaks!

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