Monday, January 18, 2010

ZOO DAY followed by Mexican Lunch!

The Honolulu Zoo is a real treat -- small enough to satisfy, and you can get close enough to the animals to experience them. You'll see a few of the animals on this page, but you won't get to experience the spontaneous shows given by the tigers, hippos and meercats!

DO click on pictures that interest you!

Our fam.

Crocs snack time tools . . .

Can you find the rhino?

This couple put on a show with one nudging the other until he got annoyed and said, "I'm getting out of the pool!"  She followed him out, though!!  Guess she wasn't quite finished harping on something!

Gorgeous bird.  Maybe Alli will remember what kind.  Too bad I focused on his feet, of all things!

Richard and I liked this cactus.

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