Saturday, May 1, 2010

Richard Returns to Mainland and I return to the Kayak

Richard and I went to the airport (HNL) for his 8 a.m. flight to LAX, leaving me in Kailua to stay with Dave and Alli for almost 2 weeks.  As many grammas know, we don't get to listen to our daughters with young children running around, unless it's after the kids go to bed, so this is my gift to myself . . . to get to be where Alli has a chance to finish a thought every now and then.
Richard was kind enough to stay to help me pack up the cottage, a chore that takes a couple of days and lots of heavy lifting.  I really appreciate him!

These are the mountains I wake up to see every morning.  They take my breath away and make me think about God's creative genius that's so amazing, photographers simply can't capture it all.  These mountains are what remains of the crater that surrounds our lives in Kailua.  (Click on it for a larger image, and then click again to pop it up to the final size.)

I paddled past Lanikai and dipped the bow into Waimanalo Bay where this warning sign appeared.  I guess this must be part of Bellows Air Field.

I'm heading back to our cottage which is past those trees in the distance.  It's a 5-mile RT, something I wouldn't have known I could do if it weren't for Dave and Alli coming to Hawaii.  My life has been enriched so much, thanks to both my "kids" moving to places I now love.

MAY DAY IS LEI DAY!  Hawaiian Legends Play Music

Mostly, I video taped to get the music and hula, so I have only a couple of stills.  This was a remarkable evening held at a Kailua school cafeteria where "ohana" (family) was everywhere.  It's really a bit spiritual.  We had dinner of kalua pig, mac salad, pineapple, and several more sides and dessert, plus the music, and all for $8.  It soothed my heart about Richard's having to go home today.
Eddie Kamae, seated, whom we admire greatly.

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