Monday, May 24, 2010

Yellowstone, Day 2 - Looking for Animals!

Here's a familiar "animal"!  Hi, Richard!!

This guy, a bison, was roaming around right in the little town!  They are absurdly dangerous!  He was grazing toward an intersection with a bunch of silly girls (tourists) approaching him, when a police car pulled up and told the girls to buzz off, or something like that.  Bison can run 35 mph and leap over 3-foot fences with ease!  They stand 6 feet high and 10 feet long when fully grown, and don't take orders from anyone, except maybe another bull.

This one's in the National Park where he belongs.  About a mile further along, another one was coming down the same road.  We were so curious to know what they'd do when they met up!
Elk - there were 11 of them here on this little island.

We think she's pregnant.

Lunch at Old Faithful Inn with Helen (L), Richard and Murray (R)

We saw lots of boiling "pots" and . . .

Lots of mineral deposits that can burn right through hiking boots!

Here's what happens to bags of potato chips when they reach just about 7,000 ft altitude!  Is that what my blood vessels look like, too?

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