Saturday, June 12, 2010

Looking Up

A children's book written and illustrated by a college friend's dad, Rainey Bennett, taught that a baby Hippo couldn't find a place to be . . . well . . . just alone for awhile.  The watercolor illustrations are incredibly charming, and most are in color, but the only one I could find online is b/w.  Yes, I still have the book, but it's packed away at my rental house, so this b/w will have to do.  
Little hippo was always being watched, as this illustration shows, but . . . he found a "Secret Hiding Place", way high up on a rock where he could look down at all the other hippos, but they couldn't see him . . . because they never looked up!!

Maybe that's why I tend to look up?   And here's what I saw today (below). 

Here's what I found at one of our many malls in South Orange County -- a glass dome several stories up, and was it gorgeous!

Here's a small section of it.  Many lessons about "life" seem to orient on "looking up", don't you think?  One of them reminds us how we tend to look at our so-called problems and see them as mountains, and fail to look up to be reminded that God is bigger than any mountains.

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