Monday, June 7, 2010

Monterey, CA and The Aquarium

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Thanks to Dave and Lucile Packard (yes, HP) for funding this amazing aquarium.
What can I say about the Monterey Aquarium that you don't already know, like . . . it's HUGE!  I have videos of some awesome aquatic animals to send to Sam and Ben!  The special sea horse display was mind-boggling.

This sea horse is called a Leafy Sea Dragon (light green). 
Alli:  "Sea horses, I love sea horses.  Whateveh"

From Monterey to San Luis Obispo on Hwy 1, the California coast.  Thank you, Richard.  A long, but beautiful drive.

Cruising along in 61-degree weather, and Richard opened his window for awhile.  No prob.  He had bought me a nice, fleece lap blanket for the Wyoming part of the trip, but it's adaptable to an open-window routine.

Dinner in San Luis Obispo.  Can you guess where?  It was one of the best dinners we've ever had!

Here is the much-publicized men's room waterfall urinal.  Now can you guess the name of the place?  Could it be . . . Madonna Inn?

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