Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Typical morning - Sam bikes to School (Kindergarten) with Alli jogging behind, pushing the stroller and Ben enjoying the ride.

Alli jogs down the beach about 2 miles now, from her home to ours.

Meanwhile, I'm walking (fast) on my route to Lanikai, round trip 1.6 miles (I'm a wimp).

On my return, I'll be excited to see this silhouette of Alli doing yoga, which means we get a bit of girl-chat time before walking up to the beach Kalapawai deli to meet up with Richard for breakfast and planning the day.

Here's the beach Kalapawai, where the Egg Buying episode occured a couple of days ago.   We walk up from the beach at the left, buy our chompies and eat at the tables on the left side of the market.  Our cottage is about 2 houses to the left.

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