Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Just wait'll tomorrow when Richard and I get back from Honolulu with dry ice!  Alli will dump some chunks into the half-soda can in the top, and pour in a little hot water, and billows of steam will pour out.  Theoretically.  She'll run a test tomorrow at home, but at 1 p.m., the cake goes to school for 28 members of Sam's class to witness this active volcano!


Speedy hands (check Sam's) were digging in to the frosting in order to fill in some gaps needing lots of "mortar".  Sometimes our fingers tangled in the can!  It was really fun!  That speedy hand managed to sweep past my clean shorts, depositing a glob on them that got us on another round of  laughing.

Here's the right way to scoop out large globs.  We had scrubbed hands first, of course!

Only once, at the start, did Sam suggest "I should probably take just a little taste of the frosting . . . to be sure it is fresh!"  Amazingly, when he was through globbing, he WASHED his hands instead of licking, but when I asked if he'd help clean mine off, he happily got right in there to eat it!

It's mom and Sam's partnership that delicately added the "lava flow".  A great team effort!


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