Friday, January 28, 2011


The 3-day-in-the-making Volcano Cake went to school today to show off!
There's Alli with this amazing cake!  Per Richard, "I'll have to say, she's outdone herself this time!"

The traveling road show packed into school in one trip, and after the class, it migrated to the school office for a re-creation!  That cake was HEAVY!  Ben's legs are sprawled atop the dry ice container, and on top of the stroller are such things as paper plates and forks, a trash bag, implements for "igniting" the volcano and wipes for 28 kindergartner mugs and hands.

We're ready!  Sam wanted his mom to do some "teaching" about volcanos, and he picked out the book he wanted her to use.  Note Ben in the back with his special gloves which can "touch" dry ice, if needed.

Sam and his class arrive!  Sam is in striped shirt about 5th back from the front.

Sam's teacher brings him to the front.

Teaching time -  SUBLIMATION! which is when, for example, dry ice, which is frozen carbon dioxide, goes from solid to gas  without a liquid phase like water has.   Also, some teaching about Hawaii's  active Kilauea volcano which we will see tomorrow when we fly to the Big Island.

N-I-C-E  J-O-B !
Blowing out the candle

Can we have more, please?

A class picture!

Ben, you were so good!  He's pictured here with the local Muscovys!

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