Thursday, February 18, 2010

Backyard Shenanigans at our Cottage!

Sam is incredible!  He catches and delicately holds lizards!  Look at those lips!  I've never seen a lizard face this up close!

Sam spied a lizard escaping into hiding in our chair . . . but where?

All kinds of helpers -- Allison's hands rifling through chair pockets (above), Richard helping below . . .
Ben pointing (at right) and Sam's head is COMPLETELY in the chair pocket, as shouts of "keep your mouth closed" running amok!
You can hear Alli's squeals, right?  Hand over HER mouth, in case it's a "jumper lizard", I guess.
Success!  Sam got 'em!  He bites pretty good!
I love this picture!!
Look at Sam's gentle hold on the lizard.  He put him into a container and biked him home (with Alli jogging Ben home in the stroller), and released him in their backyard.  We have dozens of lizards in each of our yards, but very few get to change habitat like this one did!
Ben loves beach chairs!  You can bet, if I'm sitting in one at the beach, he'll say, "Gwamma UP?  Gwamma UP?" while tugging me out of the chair so he can sit there.  Truly, I can't refuse him, he's sooooo cute!  Today, he got the chair out and then insisted Richard get the other one out and sit in it next to him.  All's well, now.
A little pretend relaxing -- which lasted all of about 30 seconds!
The kids like this little snail rocker . . . even this big kid of mine!  She almost "hulied" with her coffee! 

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