Monday, February 1, 2010

Diamond Head Hike to the Rim

Photos are clickable to a larger size.

It was a warm day.  Can you tell???

The road through the crater wall enters on the left of this photo.     Photo: Richard

 The tunnel entrance is easier to see (above).  Koko Crater is in the distance, center.  Photo: Richard
Stairs . . .
Bunkers          Photo: Richard
. . . and more stairs, which are followed by spiral stairs . . .
Dark, cool tunnels . . .

A bit of a squeeze to get through here . . .

. . . and a final set of stairs . . .
. . . to a view of Waikiki! Click the photo for a larger view. You can see the "pink palace"  Royal Hawaiian hotel built in 1927.    Photo: Richard
What better reward than the shave ice truck before we leave for home!   Photo: Richard
Stats:  Built in 1908
Steep stairway of 74 concrete steps
225 ft long narrow tunnel
Another stairway of 99 steep steps
52 spiral stairs to the mounts for the observation equipment

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