Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Neighbors!

The best neighbors (from CA) you could ever wish for, and they happened to be on O'ahu for a week.  They were a great reason to drive up to the north shore so we could see where they stay, trot through Waimea to the falls, and have dinner at the venerable Haleiwa Joe's.
Unpretentious Haleiwa Joe's Restaurant, with outrageous Ahi.
We photographed our way through acres of gardens to the falls, yakkety-yaking all the way!  Here's Richard shooting a flower, and below is the actual outcome of the shot.

Spectacular flowers and trees

This tree, backlighted by the declining sun, was sparkling!

And back on February 21, we kayaked out to Chinaman's Hat
There's Jim and Sally

Surrounding us at Chinaman's Hat are the beautiful Ko'olau Mountains, a volcanic crater.

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