Friday, February 19, 2010

A Kayak Day!

Test driving a new kayak that didn't "cut the mustard".  Too tippy.
Here's Richard, outfitting his Hobie Kona.
Off to the beach!
Flat Island in the background, and the Twin Mokes (Mokulua) Islands to the right.
It was a gorgeous day, with advancing rain clouds. 
We still have sun at Flat Island, but look at the rain coming down in the background!
Nice rain over there . . . but it passes very quickly.
Love this rock just off Flat Island.  Trying to figure out something artsy-fartsy to do with it.
Twin Mokes.  We've been there a few times, and will go again.  Very tricky wave breaks as the water hurls between and around the islands.  I usually have to hang out just offshore, and watch a few others charge the beach before I get up the gumption!
Today was such a nice day -- we really enjoy kayaking.  Richard BBQed a wonderful steak as our reward for some exertion . . . finally!

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