Monday, April 26, 2010

Family Beach Day

Family.  How good it is!  And that's Ben (nearly 2) carrying Sam's boogie board down our beach access!

Oh boy -- let's not have a disaster -- my iPhone is in my right pocket!

Ben and his mommy, Alli, my beautiful daughter.
That' s Davey with "beach hair"  -- a little seaweed!  I LOL every time I see this photo.  Personally, I think he looks much better without all that fun on top!

Sam (r) body surfed for 3 hours!  He even decided to give up today's ukelele lesson in order to surf.

Time for a snack run to the Kalapawai beach deli about a block from our cottage.

This is well worth the little walk to the Kalapawai.

This pose is SOOO Alli.  She throws herself into everything she does -- even just shooting a picture!

Dave and Sam -- Sam is so strong and loves the water so much, he just goes and goes.  I can hear his joy and his laughter every day of my life.

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