Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From Swings to Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Lanikai Park - nearby, never really crowded, and not to jazzed up with the "newest and bestest".  Just a very nice park.

I cheated a little on Richard.  Went out with two great guys for lunch at Zia's.

You never know when this technique might impress a girl!
Ben's not quite as advanced as Sam, though.

Next on the agenda was to take 2 boys to the food store!  What a kick!  They're used to riding the fancy-dancy carts resembling "whatever" at the Commissary, but here they are, free-wheeling through Foodland, on foot!!  They were great!  Sam was searching out all the chocolate candy we could smash up and put in chocolate chip cookies, and Ben was wide-eyed at all the goodies he could get right up to.  Not a thing came tumbling down from shelves, either!
Hahahaha, we got mommy off her office-chair for dippers into the chocolate chunk cookie mix!

Oh so good.  Can't wait for daddy to come home and do a taste test, too!

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