Thursday, January 28, 2010

BumperBoat Blastings B'cause B-day Boy is REALLY 5!

Photos are all clickable to a larger size.
Here's the family celeb . . . Sam . . . a wonderful young man of FIVE!  He started blasting as soon as he sat down.  See that stream of water from his boat's "gun"?

Sam brought along a hovering dinosaur, along with his mom, brother Ben, and in boats outside the photo, gramma (that's me) and Richard.  Daddy was sad to be missing this great fun, but he was "on duty."
Sam's shooting at . . . maybe a tree, this time? 
Here's the mom (my fantastic daughter) and Ben team.
This guy, Richard, plans to take no prisoners!  Would you just look at the grin on that man's face?    :)  What fun we all had!

I love this picture.  Here's the guy who said he wasn't planning to get in one of "'those boats' because it's too late in the day, too cold, I don't want to get wet" or something like that.  But he's willing to change his mind . . . I mean, really change his mind -- enough to bring a whole lot of fun to the party!  Thanks, Richard!  Ummmm, did you get wet?

From the boats, we walked to dinner on base, overlooking the golf course where Obama plays when he's here for his Christmas vaca, and Dino came along for some nibbles, too.
What?  A dino cake???  What a concept!  Great job you decorators:  Alli for the design, Sam for filling him in with green, and gramma Oli for, uh, for, hmmm, holding the frosting bag with tip?
Happy Birthday, Sam.  We love you so very much!!
Psssst, how did your hair get so wet? 

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