Saturday, January 16, 2010

Poking Around Honolulu

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, aka "pink palace", built in 1927 and recently refurbished.

Here's my favorite hotel with it's 1901 Victorian legacy still intact despite upgrades.  Richard and I like to sit outside under the old Banyan tree which was planted in 1904 when it was nearly 7' tall and 7 years old.  Now it's 75' tall by 150'.  We enjoy the music, food, drink, beginner surfers, sun and the waves of Waikiki Beach from this Moana Surfrider Hotel's deck.

From here, we browsed store windows and I went into a mall restroom where the stall door latch got stuck in the CLOSED position!  Failing to get it open, I began to mentally survey the banging implements I might have in my purse.  My iPhone.  My camera.  Not good!  Looking down at the floor, I note that the bottom of the door and the sides of the stall are closer to the ground than any I've ever seen.  Oh well.  It was so quiet it seemed I was completely alone.  Good!
With no more tricks up my sleeve, I got belly-down, legs sprawled in the next door stall (the toilet in my stall was in the way) and, dragging my purse, shimmied my way to the other side. When I lifted my face up off the floor, I saw a lady facing the sink mirror who got a view of me she couldn't believe!  She turned around to see if the mirror were telling her the truth!  It was!!!  What the heck could I say, but "hi"!

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