Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pu'u Pia Trail in the Manoa Valley

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Sam's favorite hike.  Here we are at our destination, 1.2 mile hike with about a 400' elevation gain.  Perfect for gramma's first hike this season, because whooping cough idled me for almost 3 months!  In this picture, you're looking at Honolulu/Waikiki while Sam munches on dried papaya treats.

Ben and Alli -- you can't help but think how handy it would be to wear a Ben-harness and have somebody real big hoist you up and over the ditches, big rocks and roots!

A handy rope!  Sam usually swings from the aerial banyan tree roots.

Most of the trail looked like this, with some slightly steeper places. Fortunately, we've had no recent rain (until tonight), because rain + Hawaii soil = slip-n-slide-to-da-max! 

Fancy 'shrooms!

Manoa Valley -- all the pictures on the blog are clickable to a larger image, by the way.

Clever Ben, heisted his mommy's GPS out of a pocket and began punching buttons.  Alli was wondering where the little beeps were coming from.  For him, this is a multi-purpose GPS -- if you put it on your ear, it magically becomes a cell phone!

We were prepared for the geocache, thanks to Alli, and brought  gifts to stash in return for gifts we found in the container.  All you need is the coordinates and a GPS to locate the geocache.

Another look at Honolulu . . .

. . . and a look at the peaceful and lush Manoa Valley with its carpet of MonkeyPod trees.

Alli - Thanks for your preparation for each of us, for your happy face and buoyant encouragement all along this trail, and the many others you've taken us on.  May God continue to give you your good nature throughout the trails of life.

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