Sunday, March 7, 2010

Judd Trail and Jackass Ginger Pool

One of the most refreshing hikes we've ever taken.  Early in the hike, there's a stream to ford.  Today's a good day; it's a bad day if rains, because this stream is subject to flash floods and quickly becomes impassable. 

Making a plan.  The muddy approach is very slippery, and already has taken Richard out once!  You have an advantage if you remember how to walk on ice.  You pretty much waddle, always centering over your feet.  The uphills and downhills are a real challenge, but fun!  What's a little mud, anyway?

We're in the Cook pines now, saplings brought to Hawaii by it's first European discoverer, Captain Cook, to use in the building of masts, among other things.  These trees are often confused with Norfolk Island Pines which are in the same family. Branches came out of each of those knobs.

A bamboo forest, too.  The sound of wind going through bamboo is awesome.  Don't get disoriented in the bamboo -- remember, there are no landmarks!
How small we are in here.  But never insignificant, because the God of all this creation, takes note of us.

We've arrived!  Jackass Ginger Pool.  Alli, Davey and the boys are here to greet us!

Oh please!  Someone has put a chair here?  Alli and Ben are watching Davey and Sam who are in the water.  We are only about 10 minutes from Honolulu, yet we feel as if we're remote.


Davey, reading his fortune?

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