Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mundane Chores

The doors are never closed, thanks to mild weather.  This place is open 24/7.  I'll go to Alli's occasionally to do a load, but we usually have several loads, so we come here to get it all done at once.

There's Richard, feeding quarters to the dryer.  Pretty much I stay out of his way!   :)  He's got his "routine" of what gets washed with what, and what gets Cloroxed, right along with how many items can be stuffed into a washing machine (not many), so my job is to keep him company and keep my mouth shut!  We have about a 30-minute window where we can walk over to the Kalapawai Café for a little breakfast, and then return to do the dryer.  This is a great place to "talk story" with kama'aina (locals).

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