Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snorkeling on the Marine Base at Palikilo Beach

This was a late afternoon jaunt and neither Richard nor I were in the mood to get grubby right before dinner, but that didn't stop Alli and Sam who wanted a little snorkel time.  Plus, it was also Ben's chance to jump in to a little (very) early birthday gift of a wet suit.
ohboyohboyohboy, is that a winning smile, or what?  He's hanging on to a peanut butter/cheese snacker/cracker!  He holds his "snackers" for quite awhile, I guess just contemplating how good it's going to taste, or something.  We'll have to ask him about that when he grows up!

Some of Alli and Sam's underwater discoveries.  Browsing with the fish is incredibly peaceful.
Here's the "snorkel monster", but Ben's not buying it.  Alli is out of the water now, shivvvvvvvvering.  It's always in the 70s at least, but this winter feels c-c-c-cold!

Here's Richard . . . so good to jump out of his comfy cottage and head to Palikilo with the rest of us.  Thank you for always being such a good sport about spur-of-the-moment interruptions.  Hey, are those your new reef walkers?

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