Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hawaii Welcomes the USMC Drum and Bugle Corps & Silent Drill Platoon

First time in Hawaii in their 75-year existence!  And I'll always jump at the chance to see a marching band.  Pammie and I used to go to the high school marching band competitions down Baldwin Avenue in Arcadia!  And the Rose Parade!  Seeing these men and women was a real treat!

What an opportunity for kids to try out the instruments!

Alli does such a great job of exposing her boys to varied opportunities and watches to see if she can discern their "bent."  Sam has drums at home, two sets in fact, but seeing these full-size drums was awesome.  In fact, he went home and, using a bike tire innertube, he fashioned a way to march with one of his drums!

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