Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Romp up to the top of Diamond Head!

The last time Sam did this hike, he was in Alli's backpack!  This was his first assault on Diamond Head on foot, but it was nothing compared to Koko Crater with it's 1100 railroad ties to climb!
At the very top of this picture and to the far right, can you see the square top of a bunker? That's our destination!

Through pretty dark tunnels, and footpaths and stairs, those that go straight up and metal spiral stairs!

Topped out . . . very windy . . . kept us cool in the bright sun.

Wish I'd taken my anemometer to check out that wind!

I can sort of keep up with Alli, but in fairness, I must mention she carries a 50 lb pack when Ben's in it, as he was all the way up, plus water, snacks, diaper change stuff, hand sanitizer, whatever you need, she's got it!

Sam leads the way back down this section of steep stairs.
You know what's at the end of this trail?  The best shave ice truck in the whole world!

Reward!  Tables made especially for these big shave ice cups -- see the holes?
My turn with the "wiggler".  We call him the "walking-talking machine" because he is!!

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