Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friendship Garden, Kane'ohe

Here comes Alli and the boys!  Our car is parked in the foreground.  And it's another perfect hiking day.  Did I tell you there's no snakes in Hawaii?  Well, there aren't.  Nice.  But there are biggest centipedes you can imagine, which seem to hang out at campgrounds.  We rarely see them on hikes, though we know they're there.

Nearly 2, and says he's so ready to boulder!

Snacks here and a little rest.  Both boys have been knocked down by a flu and are barely on the upswing now, and Davey is working long, long hours despite the flu.  "I can see Chinaman's Hat" from here!!

"Nak" time!  Alli is teaching Ben how to anchor himself a bit so he won't slide off his little perch.  Neither of these young men can breathe through their noses yet -- what troopers they are to hike when they're feeling punk.

Richard got some great shots which means you can see where Gramma fits in.  When I'm the camera gal, I don't show up much, but I really am along on these hikes!

Please, please note how I've morphed into being a "hiker"!  First, they (Alli and Richard) got me to carry a water bottle; next was to replace the Crocs with Keen shoes, and finally, a backpack with a bladder.  Unbelievable!  I fought against it the whole way, repeating my mantra: "I just want to keep it simple!!"  I lost.  Because they're right.

A bit of a tricky landslide, still here since our last visit in early February.  Everyone made it!

Ben really "strides out", is oblivious to what makes him fall down, and hauls his mommy right along with him.

Richard and I try out our new Leica "point and shoot" cameras today.

Self to Leica: "I think we can get along together ok."  Click this flower photo, and when it comes up larger, click it again for an even larger photo.

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