Sunday, April 4, 2010


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New Hope Kane'ohe Church is 10 years old!  They meet in the Regal Theater at the Windward Mall, but even 3 services wouldn't hold this crowd, so they set up tents and uncovered seating in the mall parking lot.

This video screen made what was on the platform much easier to see from all points.

At the right is the platform for the pastor, singers and dancers.  Notice the sky.  That's Hawaiian for "rain is coming!"  There were about 100 congregants in those chairs with no cover who headed under tent shelter when the 10-minute downpour arrived.  It arrived more than once!  The pastor, whose message was about how God's perfect love casts out fear, "confessed" to being afraid of electrocution!  Rain was getting all over the power-driven speakers and musical instruments.
A smattering of rain after the services, but it didn't deter us from getting scrumptious malasadas, and kids heading for the rides, climbing wall and bouncy houses.
We (Richard and I) got to do most of the Easter lamb dinner prep for our family that's been under seige for over a week.  Davey's had long, long nights while slogging through the flu, and both kids have been sick.  I love seeing little tykes watching the kitchen activity!
Hahahaha, now we've even got "mommy" crawling around on the floor!  Seems BenBoots opened a bottle of spices which are being scooped up.  This new Leica camera is fantastic in low light.  You can see the real colors in the kitchen without the flash washing them out.

Pretty daughter of mine!  Happy Benji!  Their new "sunburst" door looks spiffy.

Ready for prayers.
After-dinner story.
After-dinner concert.  Look at those two faces -- testimony as to what's in the heart.

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