Monday, April 19, 2010

Kayaking the Canal

Richard does the heavy lifting for kayak trips that require car transport.  Mostly we've just put our kayaks on their wheels and walked a couple of houses to the beach access to Kailua Beach.  But this time, we want to explore the Kainui Canal.

It's about a 1 mile drive and then . . . unload it all!

We're heading 2 miles up to a park very close to Dave and Alli's home.   That's the Kalaheo Bridge ahead.

That's a shot of Richard I took holding the camera up over my head shooting backward!

Here comes the Oneawa Street bridge.

Almost time to turn back now . . .

While returning, a squall moved in with wind and rain, but nothing to be worried about.  What you see here is where we started, and these home are part of the rented "Obama Compound" where he's been coming for Christmas.

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