Monday, May 31, 2010

Cody to Jackson, WY via Yellowstone's South Entrance

So many miles of burn in Yellowstone.
But, everywhere there are the little trees that have come up to replenish.

Yellowstone Lake where snow has covered the ice and both are melting now.

More bison babies
Lunch at Jackson Lake Lodge with its huge picture windows and historic murals.  I had a buffalo/elk burger which was really, really good.

The historic murals are above, and of course, all the tables look out over the Grand Tetons, some of which are 13,775 ft in elevation!

After lunch, we sniffed around for a home of friends of mine who are in CA, of all things, but they gave us excellent directions.  It was the next best thing to seeing them -- we have been missing each other for too long.

This is antler country!  Chandeliers at our hotel, huge walk-through arches, and more.  Tomorrow I will show you some of Jackson.

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