Friday, May 7, 2010

Gramma's Dinner Choice!

I got the chance to take care of the kiddos for dinner and bath tonight!  So, believing firmly in "no child left behind" in Hawaii, I bought Spam (new bacon flavor), becasue Spam is HUGE here!  The kids loved it, and so did I.  It took me back to Kern River camping days as a kid!  I still haven't done corned beef hash with an egg plopped on top for breakfast for the kids.  Maybe next year!
Deeeeezert (that's Benji-speak) was dull chocolate pudding from a cup, but I found some whipping cream hanging out in the fridge.  Sam was amazed that whipped cream could be made from scratch, and wanted to know how I knew how to do that!  With the cat (mommy) away, we piled it on so high that Ben quit before his mountain was finished.  Ummm, we got a little silly and messy, too.

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