Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yellowstone, Day 3 - BisonBabies and Waterfalls

The Grand Canyon of The Yellowstone

We are at nearly 8,000 feet elevation where romping up and down stairs to see the sights is a little rigorous.  Weather was great -- in the 50s and 60s today, and NO crowds!  This is the very best way to travel -- we've had no trouble finding a place to pull aside a road whenever we want to see elk or bison.  No problem parking or eeking a space at railings to take a picture.

Grand Canyone of The Yellowstone

Three Spring bison babies were out for a romp with each of their moms!
This little bison-baby was too interested in us!  I was in the Excursion the whole time we were watching this herd, but Richard was near the tailgate with his camera and tripod.  We thought bison-mom might not like her baby to get acquainted with us, so Richard quickly packed up and got in the truck!

Can you believe the size of that tongue?  Yes, that's a tongue sticking out of the mom's mouth!

Trumpeter Swan

Great Bald Eagle

Richard getting that Bald Eagle shot (next picture up).  In this picture, you can see how far away that "naked" tree is!

Large stands of Lodgepole Pine.
(Richard took most of the photos - thank you!!)

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