Monday, May 31, 2010

Uniquely Cody, WY

Can you spot what's unique?  There are lots of them!
They eat some not-so-common things.  Not mentioned above is "rocky mountain oysters".  You gotta ask a guy if you don't know what they are.  I almost ordered some for kicks, but thought I'd probably puke.
See what's unique?

They've got a rodeo!  Starts June 1 and runs every night, but we're leaving tomorrow for Jackson Hole -- boo hoo!

Lots of dinosaurs!  Click for a larger picture, and click again when it comes up.

VERY wide streets because Buffalo Bill, who laid out the town, wanted streets to be wide
 enough to turn around a wagon drawn by 6 horses!

A killer dam that bankrupted 3 contractors in the process of building it.  It was Shoshone Dam but the name has changed to Buffalo Bill Dam.  When completed in 1910, it was the tallest dam in the world.  Don't miss the gripping story at  and the visitor's center is awesome.

Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor's Center.  The dam is below and to the right of the Center, and that color of the sky?  Well, it's the real deal!  It looks just like that. 

And here's another "real deal".  A real cowboy who is a long-time friend of Richard's, and splits his time between here and Wickenburg, AZ in-between forays to New Zealand, Italy, Argentina and who knows where.  We had a great time this evening, Norm!

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