Monday, May 10, 2010

More "Home" Work & Mother's Day with a Must-see Video

Alli worked hard sanding the vertical deck wood and varnishing it.  Here's a view with the new rocking chairs on the deck which transformed its use.  Everyone gathers here now for many things, from "concerts" to "lie-monade" which Sam makes scratch from limes in the tree you see in the background.  Like the new exterior house paint?  The color is gorgeous!

Gramma, Sam and "Jack" (another lizard in Sam's hand) lounge for a bit!
After church, the boys and I conspired to bring their Mom a "singing" balloon, and leis.  It was fun for all of us to treat her!  Alli, we all love you so very much!

I had insisted that I'm now "gramma", but an unexpected Mother's Day bouquet greeted me at the car -- this is one of the hau tree clippings that met with the sawzall yesterday!  I loved it!!

Another Mother's Day treat -- we went to Honey's for music from "da guys" (Ben's lingo), and our dear friend and legendary music/songwriter, Eddie Kamae (pron. come-eye).  This photo is of "da guys" who come to Honey's weekly to jam, and do we love it!  Authentic Hawaiian music in the native language.

That's Alli and Ben at the far left, and then Eddie.  Sam gets to go up and jam with "da guys" any time he wants!

Here's Sam doing a little jammin' outside during the break.

Those are Sam's chopsticks moving so fast the camera couldn't stop them.  He drummed a piece so well I was totally blown away, and I happened to have my video zeroed in on him.  You MUST hear this at:   It's 72 MB and takes about 5 minutes to load, but well worth the wait, IMHO!  Sam has a natural talent for this, and you'll crack up at the facial expressions and rhythmic body motion.  Quite a deal!

mother's Day picture taken outside at Honey's. I had sent all my mu'u mu'us home with Richard, when he left the first of May, so I had to run out to Sal's to get this for tonight, and it makes me look HUGE.  This was another wonderful Mother's Day!

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