Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yellowstone, Day 4 - Two Surprise Scenes Outside the Park

(1)  Harriman State Park, Idaho

Harriman State Park, Idaho - it's an 11,000 acre wildlife refuge using an historic site for the benefit of us all.  Check it out at  It really "wowed" us, and I couldn't help picturing Alli, Dave and the kids hiking and biking it's many trails, and riding the horses. This picture is L to R: Richard, Oli, Helen and Murray.

Those are not clouds in the distance, but rather, snow-covered mountains, but it was warm enough to jettison our jackets.

(2) Mesa Falls

We were astounded to find falls this gorgeous, and not even in Yellowstone!  In the far, upper right corner of this picture, you can see a platform where Helen and I are standing, and which provides some scale!

Helen and Oli

Sneaky Richard "shoots" me without much warning, but I caught him just in time.

There's an excellent educational center here which includes opportunities to identify animals by their footprints, pelts, and even skulls.
Click on the sign, and then click again so you can read it.

We had lunch in Ashton, where even on the main street, heavy-traffic-haters can find solace . . .

. . . and they really know how to bake bread . . .

. . . and serve quite a lunch!

Hahahaha!  Online!

While Murray keeps us well-fed!

Helen, our photographer, is about to jump back in!

We are heading to Cody, WY in the morning.

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